Books and Media – External Users only

We wanted to test our pages now excluding any traffic from in our buildings. We realize that the traffic in our building is important, both staff and customers, but our external audience is more unique.

The external audience comes to the website far less often than our internal audience so we are hoping to see some interesting trends, hopefully reflecting our internal users.

heatmap-605731-scroll-phone heatmap-605731-click-phone

heatmap-605731-click-tablet heatmap-605731-scroll-tablet

heatmap-605731-scroll-desktop heatmap-605731-movement-desktop heatmap-605731-click-desktop

A few interesting things here –

  • People are seeing the Overdrive link before clicking eMedia which is great
  • People are not scrolling much further than the eMedia, although it’s definitely a little higher than before
  • The tablet and mobile scrolling – we lose a lot of people at the big images for RWL
    • Should we hide images?