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We’re just making sure people aren’t jumping off the page right away. We want them to understand what the page is for and utilize it so a high bounce rate would be alarming or if they navigate to where they were previously. Click Data Nothing alarming here. Google Analytics Page Overview The bounce rate 36% […]

Streamline Design

Streamline Design I’ve been reading some really great articles lately about streamlining design to give the user more focused choices, more often. So it’s not 1 big CTA button, it is having that CTA button visible when the user is ready to make that choice. I’m going to spit out my notes here hopefully giving […]

Construction Page

This isn’t a huge amount of data, but we wanted to look quickly at the construction page and get a snapshot to go along with our Google Analytics data. We wanted to make sure the audience was scrolling down to see the bid opportunities and it looks like they are finding them most of the […]

Services Page

We wanted to identify how far people were scrolling on the services page and if there was a better way of displaying the categories. The page is rather long and with 10 main categories, there isn’t a great way to visually showcase them all with unique images and not have the page become too lengthy. […]

User Experience and Animation

So while we are in a lull of making some serious web changes, I wanted to summarize a few recent points around user experience and animation. There is a lot we can learn from the film industry in regards to user interface design. When we are looking at moving elements pertaining to Continuity we should […]