Gift Guide

This year we did an interactive gift guide where we used Amazon Smile and Amazon Affiliate linking to not only provide our top book recommendations, but also hopefully take advantage of anyone already purchasing these items from Amazon. We had a decent turn out for a page during the holiday season (1900 page views in […]

Programs and Events – Minimalistic

We made changes here based on providing more direct filtering and functionality through expanding the options from Evanced on the page through Ages and Types of programs. We were originally concerned with the order and how far down it still seemed, but based on the movement heatmap and click data people are finding it. It’s […]

Research Tools Page – External

This was a test for the research tools page for external users only. A lot of people are using the alphabetical listing over the categories according to the heatmap Google Analytics It looks like a fairly even split among the alphabet and categories. Next Steps: Nothing for the moment

Library Card – External Users Only

We redid the Library Card page so people wouldn’t have to scroll as far to register online. This was the action point we wanted them to take on the page and it was all the way at the bottom.   Next Steps: Remove the lower half of the page. The top box has a good […]