May – June External Links

This is measure all outbound links or external links. This means any link not using in the “exiting” or click URL. This does NOT measure Overdrive because the URL we have is, but for testing purposes the events for Overdrive will be displayed below. This is recorded for May – June, the only […]

Programs & Events – External Users Only

This evaluation was for the programs & events page with external users only. It’s good we added the filtering boxes for pre-k, kids, and teens. They are getting a lot of usage. The page is shorter and it appears more people are scrolling and finding what they are looking for!   One interesting note is […]

Read, Watch, Listen – Standalone

The Read Watch Listen page is now on it’s own away from Books & Media so that the Books & Media page could be displayed in a shorter format. People were not scrolling down the Books & Media page so we wanted to help the user by making the page shorter and display the most […]

Contact Page

The Contact page is not one we plan on changing, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. Especially with how much attention the Business Manager received in the contact group whether on a desktop or mobile device. Click Data Tap Data (mobile) Scroll Data Scroll Data (mobile) Next Possible Steps: No action here […]

Homepage – External Users Only

I expect that we will see the same overall variables that we saw including internal traffic, but a slightly higher scroll rate. The scroll on this was slightly better (18-25%) so the first box was visible by about 10% more than what occurs when measuring both the inside and outside.

Books and Media – External Users only

We wanted to test our pages now excluding any traffic from in our buildings. We realize that the traffic in our building is important, both staff and customers, but our external audience is more unique. The external audience comes to the website far less often than our internal audience so we are hoping to see […]

Research Page – Alphabetical Listing

On our website we have Research which contains Local History and our Research Tools. We broke out the research tools section by genre and alphabetically so whichever preference people had, they could quickly use. In the first few weeks of the new site we implemented the yellow section with letters that let’s you jump to […]

Make U

Make U is one of our newer flagship services. On the old website we had an entire microsite built around it with different navigation, brand, and identity. With the new framework it was easy to roll it into one page for IA sake. (Information Architecture). Make U Click Data You know what stinks about this, […]