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We’re just making sure people aren’t jumping off the page right away. We want them to understand what the page is for and utilize it so a high bounce rate would be alarming or if they navigate to where they were previously.

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Nothing alarming here.

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The bounce rate 36% which isn’t bad. It’s not as low as we’d want (25%), but looking at the conversation rate of 295 events (see below) to 621 pageviews (above), you get about a 48% conversion rate which is REALLY successful. The previous website was a 2% conversation rate probably due to location of the print page and the lack of explanation.

If you take recent studies from WordStream you get the chart below so anything about 11.45% is amazing…let alone 4x that amount.

WordStream Table

best conversion rates

conversion rates by industry


The only true answer to “what’s a good conversion rate” is this: a good conversion rate is better than what you had last month.

Event Data

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The number of people printing is just something to monitor. We realize it’s not a service a lot of people will need (printing from their own device to the Library), but it is functionality we want to provide for those circumstances. The conversation rate is doing very well compared to the previous site of 2%.

It is also interesting to note where people are printing.

Next Possible Steps:

Nothing to do here – we just want to continue to see the positive conversation rate for this page.

Next Week’s Tests:

  • Library Card Page