Read, Watch, Listen – Standalone

The Read Watch Listen page is now on it’s own away from Books & Media so that the Books & Media page could be displayed in a shorter format. People were not scrolling down the Books & Media page so we wanted to help the user by making the page shorter and display the most used elements on that page.


heatmap-578415-scroll-desktop heatmap-578415-movement-desktop heatmap-578415-click-desktop

Nothing on here concerns me. The sample rate was really low, but we let it run for almost 2 weeks. This means people are not going from the Books & Media page to the genre lists, but are finding them from the homepage. This is a totally acceptable and actually positive result. It means our homepage is more effective and people are getting to the things they want more efficiently, less clicks.

Next Possible Steps

  • Give it more time
    • Watch stats for drop off in user
      • Do we need page?
    • Watch stats for increase in user
      • Is our homepage seeing less scrolling?