Services Page

We wanted to identify how far people were scrolling on the services page and if there was a better way of displaying the categories. The page is rather long and with 10 main categories, there isn’t a great way to visually showcase them all with unique images and not have the page become too lengthy.


You can see how long the sidebar is and how painful it can be for someone on a mobile phone to scroll through all of them. The heatmap on the services page had a very odd finding.


services page heatmap

Since obituaries is blowing up with data, it was important to actually run the statistics for the page click data. I was hoping to really analyze the scroll data, but with obituaries so far down, the drop off is almost expected.

Scroll Data

services page scroll data

I do think the 25% drop off after obituaries is significant, but I’d be more interested if obituaries wasn’t so heavily targeted during this heatmap.

Google Analytics

This is a monthly snapshot – I don’t have a good way of pulling the report right now since we created simple URLs. I’m looking into a solution for it.

Woah….that’s a very significant difference. Let’s dive into how people are getting to obituaries. Looking at the Top 10 referral paths we can see that the “not set” method is 43% of the traffic. This is most likely a shortcut on internal desktops or a bookmark in someone’s computer. Even if we filter out that 5k, we still have an overwhelming amount of traffic looking for obituaries which is a little buried compared to the other services especially for the people going through local history.

obits google analytics data

Next Possible Steps:

  • Bring Obituaries front and center
    • Services Page
    • Research Page
    • Local History Page

Next Week’s Tests:

  • About Page
  • Revisit Programs & Events