Streamline Design

Streamline Design

I’ve been reading some really great articles lately about streamlining design to give the user more focused choices, more often. So it’s not 1 big CTA button, it is having that CTA button visible when the user is ready to make that choice. I’m going to spit out my notes here hopefully giving attribution to all the audiences represented.

Younghee Jung, a designer at Nokia, puts it well:

“People are more exposed than ever to the numerous choices of what to do to fill their time, to feel important, to feel loved and creative.”


Image and concept from Flight Media

The interesting thing here is that the mockup is almost structured as a content mapping funnel.


So it starts with a broad impact, narrows down to a CTA, and then opens back up to more engagement.

It could also be summarized in a more compact way where it removes the detail but still illustrates the correct process.


I also really liked the content strategy map developed by Chris Lake.

Make sure to check out his new project Empirical Proof.


Gerry McGovern – a long time thought leader in the world of design – suggests that to create clarity every page must address three questions:

  1. Where am I?
  2. What can I do here?
  3. Why should I do it?

These questions should be answered both visually and inherently without thought for the user. So your design should lead the user into these questions. Question 1 is pretty easy to illustrate. Questions 2 and 3 take a lot more thought and time to clearly represent to your entire user base.