UX encompasses everything to do with the system: the interface, graphics, physical interaction, what you see on the screen, as well as how that is presented, and its functionality. You have to understand the limitations of the web and be able to come up with creative solutions that really enhance the users experience with your application. It should be simple for the entire audience to understand. You have to feel out their experience from a user’s perspective. My experience wearing many hats has helped me with this tremendously.———————————————————————————————————

The Image Group – we were working on a new design for their website. We started out with wire framing the layout. It was very clean and minimal – white background with clean green lines. To really bring the site to life we took advantage of the white background and incorporated a lot of the text white. Once the site had loaded a very thin green jQuery powered bar came across the screen from right to left, it then expanded and snapped into place revealing the white heading text. The entire site was a horizontal scrolling site that certain elements expanded with browser window size. There was no page reloading. The way it worked was the JavaScript would load the next set of elements once a menu item was clicked. This way images and videos weren’t all rendered from the start because that would make the load time excessively long.

Inigral – on their data pages they had a poor user experience and extremely high bounce rate. We redesigned these pages and implemented new features one of the new features was a CSS3 graph with jQuery powered animation. This was a great alternative to the static image they had used before. What the graph did was upon loading the bars would appear at the bottom and grow to their defined height. We also redid the landing pages. This really drew the user’s attention to them. It also decreased the load time by .2 seconds. We also redid the landing pages to really drive traffic and provide additional calls to action directing them where to go and what to do next. This not only increased the page views by 300% it also reduced the bounce rate by 64% and most importantly increased leads by 10%.

Xunlight Corporation – the slideshow on the homepage was a boring Mootools slide show that simply faded on transitions. To liven it up we came up with the idea of utilizing Flash. What this did back in 2007 was enabled further user interaction. The slideshow now became a focal point. When your cursor hovered over the corners it bent up the image and revealed the image underneath as well as the inverse of the image just pealed and on transition it whipped across your screen like removing tape or a band aid. Now I can’t take credit for this UX decision. It was done by a group from Columbus. If only I could remember their name or email…

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